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apocalypse of the seer

(Brief) Vision
This vision is given because of how the error in the ministry of prophets in this time and the disease in many called in the office, this disease and ignorance can only be cure in the school of knowledge and understanding.

The event college of the prophets for end time ministry before the coming of our master. (The Lord shows me visions about this college globally) disease of ignorant can only be cure in the school of knowledge and understanding of Holy Ghost

The Lord spoke to me on the 15/04/2007 of which I saw a vision of myself teaching people men and women how to lives their life in holiness, godliness and soon, and in my dream I saw and acknowledge that they are prophets and prophetess been in training by me and I further the teaching in the black board and teaching them the mysteries of the prophets and some of them ask me questions which I answer and explained further to them, many of this students are pastors and evangelist while some of them are just about to enter ministry of full time not knowing they are prophets and prophetess.

The day in that dream was bright as noon and clearly to me as their teacher the head of the school and I woke up and Holy Ghost spoke to me more said concerning the vision that He is training me for up coming prophet that is seer even that dream, I thoughts people how to see and they saw and how to hear and they are hearing God clearly and Holy Ghost spoke to me after wake up that He is preparing me for what I am passing through to raise and called for the seer and mature prophets of this age.

The disease of ignorant can only be cure in the school of knowledge and understanding.
A college for divine men and women called into the office of prophet and ministries


1 Sam. 19:18-24



Equipping God’s General for The Next Generation, Training prophetic soldier for Master’s use in glory and in quest for this end time victory… {THE SCHOOL OF SEER & PROPHETS} The disease of ignorant can only be cure in the school of knowledge and understanding. A college for divine men and women called into the office of prophet and ministries. {A College with Apostolic & Prophetic Wisdom in the Revelation Perspective Of The Last Day Prophets.} A Biblical Class for the Divine office of the Last Day Prophets. Prophetic Development for A Prophetic Generation. 


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A College with Apostolic & Prophetic Wisdom in the Revelation Perspective Of The Last Day Prophets.


God is restoring the prophetic ministry in the Church today. From
believers learning how to flow in the gift of prophecy to men and women being raised up as ministry gift prophets, there is a revival of prophetic ministry in the Body of Christ all over the world. The prophetic is not only about hearing and speaking, it is about hearing and doing what God wants done here on earth. God is raising up prophetic believers who not only serve within the local church, but also prophetic believers who are affecting the marketplace through practical ideas and strategies they have received from God. God is raising up prophets like Joseph and Daniel who will represent Him and be His prophetic voice in the high places of the earth today.
This training manual is designed to equip believers, stir up the prophetic in them and enable them to develop a strong prophetic “ministry” in whatever vocation they may be. May you find this useful as you grow in the area of prophetic

Office Address: (Land Of Canaan) Ori-Oke OluwaKemi Bus-Stop, Idi-Ota, Idi-Oparun, Isalu Road, Sand Tipper Road, Off PowerLine, Owode Along Idiroko, Owode – Egbado, 111105, Owode Yewa South Local Government, Ogun State, Nigeria, West Africa
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